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3installation steps

Tell us which character you want

We will define a script adapted to your site

Send Code to install on your web


Two minutes reading, How does it work

During the installation we will define a script together, make updates and changes and adapt the script of the chat bot AI to your website
Got 180+ scripts ready for editing
There are 12 abilities for a chat bot
To try it out, click on the circle on the lower right side And find out how it works
We will set the control settings
when the chat box will appear once per visit or at a certain time interval to attract attention at the perfect moment!
We'll train the AI with your URL, PDF, DOC files and watch as it effortlessly digests your information and provides human responses to every question.
Dynamically greet your customers using their name, location, phone number or email. Create an instant connection, capture attention and increase engagement with Personalized Messages
We will reply to customers based on words entered in the chat.
A representative will define answers for customized keywords. For example, write words from the list: Cancellations, refunds, support.. We will answer an answer that we define in advance, for example: For an answer on the subject you mentioned, you should contact us by email.
Reach your audience according to their local language and it happens automatically! In a moment the chat writes and speaks in another language! We allow you to call directly to the hearts of the customers in a way that will allow them to feel comfortable during the conversation. With automatic access to customers' local language, we ensure a personalized chat experience that evokes empathy. The advanced solution helps you develop your potential, and open doors to international audiences with global sales easily
Connect any third-party app with easy Zapier integration We'll send the leads to your CRM or Excel in GOOGLE DRIVE.

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Emotionally connected customers have been proven to be 4 times more loyal
and likely to spend 2 times more.

Our chat takes care of your 24/7 connection with customers and saves you Thousands of shekels in human power, even while you sleep

3installation steps

Tell us which character you want

We will define a script adapted to your site

We finish installation on your site


?What exactly is this BOT123

BOT123 The innovative solution for AI human chat! The smart chat that can speak any language, on a completely human level. BOT123 automatically detects the client's language and uses it immediately and automatically. This is a fast, efficient and cost-effective solution that enables a natural and real conversation experience for your customers anytime and anywhere. Additionally, any funds you save from running the human solution with humans will be paying salaries. Don't settle for less - with BOT123, you can get everything you've always wanted in the most advanced AI-based human chat!

How much money is saved compared to the old human method

How much does an average hour of a sales person and a support person cost? Multiply by 24 hours times 30 days, over 600 hours.

While a BOT123 ai human representative costs a total of between 20$-29$ per month depending on the plan you choose

Benefits of AI human chat

Let's start with this, how many people and Moked will you need to humble in that second to 600? 6000? Conversations at that moment? We will answer this, we will need dozens of people! While the AI human chat can talk unlimitedly with customers come times you heard right! Also a million customers at that moment and more!

Another advantage is the financial issue, pay a maximum of $29 per month and enjoy all this goodness 24/7! Compared to a salaried representative who works full time that is not 24/7 and pays full salaries

Another advantage, the chat never makes mistakes, not in prices, not in sentences, not in form of speech, not coughing, not sick, and continues to sell and provide service for you 24/7 on autopilot!

?What does it take for the AI human chat to work for you

What we will need is a web page that you have, such as a landing page, a website, an ecommerce store, etc. If you don't have one, we recommend www.pagespace.co buy a ready-made landing page that we can connect with the AI human chat

?Can it be connected to any platform

Yes! You can connect to WordPress, Wix, Shopify, Shop123, Gomla, Rav Messer, Shelah Messer, Active Trail, Samob, any website building system, stores, landing pages, just any website or page on the Internet. You can connect the chat ai of BOT123

We already said that a representative on our behalf will implement the code and set up the AI human chat for you in a few minutes, right? You don't have to deal with unnecessary things.

Money back for 30 days

At the end of the page there is a send request button, send us a cancellation request and a representative will contact you to update the cancellation.

I purchased a package on sale until when is it valid?

You purchased a plan during a sale, it will remain valid as long as you do not cancel your subscription, if you cancel and purchase again in the future, you will pay the current price that will appear in the plans and the installation fee can change at any moment without notice.

?I buy a plan, what happens next

After completing the payment and choosing the relevant plan for you, a representative will contact you by phone within 1 business day and set up your AI human chat and embed it on your website / landing page / online store

?After the representative has finished activating the chat, how do you make updates

After the implementation of the chat is finished, you will receive a link inside which you can send updates to be done in the chat and we will make the updates for you!

?How to cancel the subscription

Go to our contact page and send an inquiry form with a request to cancel the charge of a package you purchased or request that a representative come back to you to check which active package you have and cancel it together with the representative< /p> For cancellations, click here to fill out a form



$ 20 Yearly (240$ 1,164$)
  • Include Install
  • 30Days Free Trail


$ 29 Monthly
  • Include Install​
  • 30Days Free Trail​


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